Casual Worship at Fairmont

Fairmont’s 8:30 am casual worship offers an opportunity to worship God in the relaxed and intimate setting of our Fellowship Hall.  Worshippers dress comfortably and (outside of COVID restrictions) enjoy a bagel or doughnut with a cup of coffee or juice during worship.  Children remain throughout the service.  Worship songs are led by our Praise Band with vocalists, electric keyboard, drums, guitars, and harmonica leading worshippers in upbeat, contemporary songs with words projected onto a screen.  Scripture is also projected onto the screen.  The sermon will often include light-hearted interaction between pastor and people.  The sacrament of Holy Communion is served once a month by intinction.

Many families enjoy this early service as it allows them to worship together and still meet the demands of hectic schedules.  Others attend because they appreciate the contemporary music.  Still others choose this service because they are early-risers or enjoy the informality. Is our casual worship service the place for you? We look forward to meeting you!