The Session has changed Fairmont’s responses to the COVID-19 risk in our community:

1. Wearing of protective masks is optional but not required at Fairmont Church. Masks are available at all entrances.

2. If you are currently experiencing flu-like symptoms, we invite you to stay home and join us online.


Service Times

Casual Worship Service
8:30am, Fellowship Hall

Traditional Worship Service
10:30am, Sanctuary

Traditional Online Worship Service
10:30am, Livestream

Reflection on Scripture

May 13, 2022
Exodus 20:1-20

Ten Words

The Ten Words God gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai (also known as Mt. Horeb) were ten of six hundred and thirteen laws given to God’s people in the wilderness so that Israel might become the nation God intended them to be.

They were relationship rules, rules for life, rules to show what love looked like. Love from God to people, love from people to God, and love between people. They were not punitive if unkept. They were not salvific. They were not the only laws that God gave to Israel. They were God words to God’s people teaching them how to live together in covenant with God and one another.

I would imagine that many of us who grew up in the church have had some childhood experience involving the Ten Commandments, good or bad, accurate or inaccurate. At the very least we have heard of the Ten Commandments if only because of Charlton Heston and Cecile B. DeMille!

Exodus 20 is one of those scripture passages that we know too well and may need to look at again with new eyes. The Ten Words were an important part of the journey of God’s people on their way to the Promised Land and on their way to a new life as people of the covenant.

We invite you to come rediscover the Ten Words of God to Israel, and God’s words to us. The Youth of Fairmont will be leading worship at the 10:30 a.m. service this Sunday, and all are invited (8:30 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.) to “keep the Sabbath holy” and worship God.