Church Officers


In the Presbyterian Church, ELDERS are chosen by the congregation to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation. Together with the pastors, the Elders exercise leadership and have responsibilities for all aspects of the life of Fairmont Church. The Session oversees the ministry of the church as they chair and serve as members on the Christian Education, Discipleship & Small Groups, Evangelism & Member Care, Mission Interpretation, Personnel and Worship teams. The Session is made up of Elders, the pastors of the church and a clerk. Pastor Brian Maguire is Moderator and Kerri Miles is Clerk of the Session.

Class of 2018
Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Jeff Adam
Dave Diller
Jan Runkle
Lisa Shearer

Rich Bowden
Charlie Chamberlain
Kerri Miles
John Schramm

Brench Boden
Kimberly Gunlock
Linda Hammond
Mike Harvey


DEACONS are the caregivers of the congregation. They visit the sick and homebound, provide coffee fellowship after both worship services, provide receptions after funerals, prepare the elements for communion, plan and host the church wide picnic. They also oversee ushers, acolytes and the flower arrangement schedule for worship services.

Class of 2018

Brenda Anderson
Carol Bussey
David Hammond
Jeff Stewart

Class of 2019

Betty Brown
Kelly Coan
Pat Goss
Helen Kanis
Deb Wright

Class of 2020

Julie Boden
Liz Lewis
Barb Miller
Annette Sakada
Kathy Shafer
Jack Yoder


TRUSTEES manage the church property including the building and grounds and media equipment, administer the endowment fund, oversee the financial affairs of the church and make recommendations of designated and undesignated memorial gifts. The Board of Trustees elect a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and assistant treasurer each year. The elected treasurer is, upon Session approval, elected as Church Treasurer.

Class of 2018

Terry Akers
Mark Anderson
Paul Lamberger
Martha Taylor

Class of 2019

Wynn Adam
Bill Lowry
Bill Stager
Lois Thomas

Class of 2020

Paul Fiden
Tom Gunlock
Will Lewis
Daryl Sakada