The True Story of Cinderella

Join us for a performance by Fairmont singers and friends of Warren Martin’s “The True Story of Cinderella!”

Warren Martin composed Cinderella in 1955 at the request of the students of Westminster Choir College to provide a May Day entertainment. The premier of Westminster was performed by 13 graduate students with the composer at the piano. The chime part was added a few years later.

In subsequent years Professor Martin presided over ten or more performances, serving at narrator, pianist, or both, and personally choosing and coaching the students, faculty, and alumni for the other parts. He made some minor revisions in the narration as time went by.  He refused all request to publish or lend the music, maintaining that people underestimated the difficulty of performing the work correctly. In 1984 the Choir College published this comic masterpiece for the first time, reproducing the composer’s own handwritten score.

Queen: Vicki Ramaga
King: Claude Cassion
Herald: Johans Nora
Stepmother: Sharon Kohnle
First stepsister: Amber Voss
Second stepsister: Megan Rehberg
Cinderella: Ashley Ross
Fairy godmother: Kaoru Nora
Prince: Cameo Humes
First hermit: Devlan Taylor
Second hermit: Josh Hakala
Third hermit: David McKibben