News & Upcoming Events

Rev. Brian Maguire will preach a sermon entitled,
“High Anxiety” based on Isaiah 49:8-16 and Matthew 6: 24-34.

Fairmont member Spencer Boden was featured this week in the Dayton Daily News as part of Sinclair Community College’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream!” Congratulations, Spencer!

Connections: Adults and children begin the evening in prayer together in our chapel. Adults then engage in interactive, engaging and thought-provoking adult education led by Pastors Brian and Denise while our children share in faith formation and storytelling led by our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Rachel Boden. Nursery care is available for our youngest attendees. We conclude around 7:30pm each night so there is plenty of time to get little ones to bed. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesdays! This month, join us for Sibling Rivalries: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
February 22nd: Islam Tomorrow

Lenten Study: The Apostles’ Creed: What Christians Believe and Why? by Adam Hamilton. To follow Jesus means to acknowledge with our lips and our lives a new reality unfolding in our world and a new truth that pierces all our presumed knowledge. We confess those truths and commitments in all that we do and say. For centuries, Christians have gathered some of the most precious of those commitments into our shared confessions of faith. Join us throughout Lent as we explore one of those foundational statements, the Apostles’ Creed. We will consider exactly why we use a creed and what it does. We will examine in detail exactly what it says about God, Jesus, and us through the new book, Creed: What Christians Believe and Why by Adam Hamilton. Copies of the book are available in the church office for $14 as well as bookstores.

Throughout Lent, starting on Sunday, March 5th, there will be four different times each week when you can participate in the Lenten study:
Sundays 11:30am in the chapel, led by Pastor Denise
Wednesdays 6:30pm in the chapel, led by Pastor Brian (Connections)
Thursdays 7:00pm, led by Danielle Rhubart & Mike Rothenberger at their home
Thursdays 7:00pm in the parlor, led by Pastor Denise

Ash Wednesday – March 1st, 7:00pm: Please join us Ash Wednesday at 7pm as we collectively begin our introspective journey through Lent. Our theological theme for Lent is “The Turning Point.” Sermons will examine narratives in scripture where individuals had chance encounters with Jesus that then may or may not have set them on a new path. Our Ash Wednesday worship will invite us to think about the ways we have encountered Jesus in our own lives. Worship will be led around small tables over a light snack so that conversation and fellowship may heighten our worship. Join us for this time of introspection and worship as we seek to be reminded of our own turning points and reflect upon ways to help others find their paths.

Young Families dinner out: Saturday, February 25th at 5:30pm at El Toro in Bellbrook. Parents and children are invited to join us for great food and wonderful fellowship. Please RSVP to Denise to make reservations.

On February 26th, we will be celebrating Scout Sunday. Scouts from Cub Scout Pack 28 will be helping with the service in different ways. We would love anyone who was or is currently involved in scouting (Boy or Girl Scouts) to either wear their uniform or something Scout related so you, too, may be recognized and thanked for your involvement in the program.

The Women of Fairmont are collecting items for Hannah’s Treasure Chest. Many parents struggle in raising their children with sufficient resources. Hannah’s Treasure Chest responds to these needs by providing social service agencies in Montgomery, Butler, Greene, and Warren Counties with clothing, furniture, toys, books, and other essential items for their clients. The assistance from Hannah’s Treasure Chest greatly enhances programs provided to children in the Miami Valley. Their website is A crib is set up in the Narthex for donations for babies, toddlers, and children. See a full wish list on the bulletin board near the church library or on their website. Please place your donations in the crib through March 12th. Thank you!

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper: February 28, 6:00pm in Fellowship Hall. The Deacons invite you to come for pancakes, sausage, King Cake and huge helpings of fellowship. Shrove Tuesday is also called Fat Tuesday (in French, Mardi means Tuesday; gras means fat) because on that day a thrifty housewife would use up fats she had kept for cooking but could not use during Lent. The supper is for all ages. Please invite friends and family!

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Food Pantry: The food pantry is in need of non-perishable food items in addition to toothpaste, tooth brushes, and laundry and dish detergent.

Donations of books for the library: We would be happy to have donations of gently used books that have been published within the past 5 years. If you have older books, you can donate them to St. Vincent’s or Goodwill. Thank you!

Fairmont Presbyterian Church is a member of Kroger Community Rewards. By signing up for this program, the church receives a percentage of whatever you spend. To sign up, go online to

  1. Find “Community” across the top of the page, then click “Community Rewards.”
  2. Click “enroll now” is you already have a Kroger Plus Card.
  3. Sign in with your email address and password.
  4. Next you will see “Find Your Organization.” Type in our number: 87462. You can also type in the first three letters of our church’s name and pick us from the list of organizations.
  5. Click the “Open” circle next to Fairmont Presbyterian Church.

To register by phone, call 1.866.221.4141. Thank you for helping our church! If you don’t have a Kroger Plus Card, go online to and click “register” to create an account.

A NEW PRESBYTERY NETWORK The Third Thirty Network: A Ministry for Older Adults: The Network Support Committee of Presbytery of the Miami Valley recently agreed to the formation of a new network that addresses a topic that affects us all whether we like it or not. Known as “The Third Thirty” network, the aim is to educate, inspire and prepare us all for the inevitable challenges as we get older and specifically approach or surpass “The big 60”. Additionally, many of us in our ’50’s and ’60s are either caregivers or actively involved in the parenting of our parents who are typically in their ’80s and ’90s. Started at Bath Church two years ago, the “Third Thirty” is run along the lines of a discussion group within an individual church. There is no rigid syllabus but there are topic areas for discussion and enlightenment. Most of the education comes from the participants themselves who share their experiences, their concerns, and gather courage, strength and encouragement from each other. Expert guest speakers are also utilized where appropriate or so desired.
The instigator of the network, Chris Pomfret at Bath Presbyterian Church, Dayton, is supported by Stan Aultz from Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church, Kettering. Chris’s desire is to emulate what was started at Bath and help other churches in our Presbytery to start their own “Third Thirty” group. Chris has an introductory presentation and outlines for topics to discuss, so if you want an initial meeting with a group within your church, then Chris and Stan will be pleased to come meet with you. Chris also envisions having Third Thirty groups come together occasionally during the year so that specific successes experienced by groups can be shared with our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as bringing in a special speaker. If you want to know more about Third Thirty Network please telephone Chris at 937-545-6667 or send an email to

Special Tax Deduction for IRA owners age 70½ and older. If you currently have an IRA account and you are 70½ years old or older, you are required to withdraw a minimum distribution from your IRA account(s) every year. In December 2015 the IRS permanently passed legislation to approve the payment of IRA funds directly to a qualified charitable organization (like Fairmont) WITHOUT taxation to the IRA owner. This can be a huge tax benefit for those taxpayers that struggle to itemize their deductions each year, and remains beneficial to those taxpayers that can itemize their deduction. To take advantage of  this tax savings, you need to contact your IRA custodian and request your required distribution amount, or any other amount up to $100,000 be sent not to you, but directly from your IRA account to Fairmont Church or your preferred charity. We strongly suggest that you request a copy of this transaction or some type of receipt from the IRA custodian.

Loop System—If you would like to be able to use hearing aids with our new assistive hearing system, you must have a telecoil in your hearing aid. If you have a T-coil, please program it with a Manual T program and /or M+T program set for loop listening. Auto-coils  do not work in a loop; they need a manual program. Please verify that the Mic and T-coil responses match in output, gain and frequency response. (For this use the ANSI-SPLIV test.) If you do not have a telecoil, see if it is possible to have one installed or added with a remote control or streamer. If you need assistance, please tell your audiologist that your hearing aid needs to work with a T-coil system.

Fit 4 You continues Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00am. Join us in the chapel this week for fun, easy, low-impact classes to improve strength, flexibility, and balance taught by Sarah Bugden. Everything will be provided for you, except a towel! For information contact Sarah at

Equal Exchange fair trade coffee is sold after church in Fellowship Hall each Sunday. This is NOT a money maker for the church. Purchasing this coffee will help small farmers in Nicaragua. This is the coffee you have been drinking at church for the last month, so if you like it, consider purchasing some! Coffee will be $7.00 a bag, and there will be several to choose from! You can pay with cash or check.  Make checks payable to Fairmont and put “coffee” in the memo line. There will be a basket next to the coffee, so you can just put your payment in there when you get your coffee. Delicious as well as making a difference…win-win!!